DeVibe IsReal

Dammit, I’m moving to Cali tomorrow!

DeVibe IsReal might be the most appropriate name in the history of rap names. In his music, this talented artist toys with very chill beats and usually sounds as laidback as it gets. He also comes across as someone who is unbothered 24 hours a day. Thus far, this year, DeVibe IsReal has been pretty active. He’s released a few singles, an EP, and an album. The latter, VIBEYY, is his latest release. One of the best tracks from the project is “RESIDE IN CALI (TYTWM).”

Interestingly, “RESIDE IN CALI (TYTWM)” is powered by this uptempo beat that gives me Jersey club vibes. As for DeVibe IsReal, in his verses, he ensures you know he’s from California. Not only does he talk about the kind of vibes people from the state are on, but he also brings up the kind of women he prefers that live there. I really f**k with DeVibe IsReal’s chill demeanor and steady flow throughout this song. He sounds so comfortable in his own skin, he’s sitting on a couch in there.

Give “RESIDE IN CALI (TYTWM)” a shot below.