Shug Hzy Can't Just Say "I'm Alright"

I’m Alright

Shug Hzy

Lyrics that cut deep and vibes that will hype you up.

Shug Hzy, a native of Federal Way, Washington, is an independent rapper, producer, and songwriter. His artist journey began on social media, where he remixed popular songs and skits. This quickly gained traction and built an audience for him, leading to his debut in 2019 with the project, Artificially Fine. Through this debut project, Hzy introduced himself and showcased his talent as an artist. Since then, he has remained focused on releasing music that is true to him and reflects his upbringing. One of Shug’s biggest hits is the pop-rap song “Trouble.” This song, and more, are available on Spotify and Apple Music. Shug Hzy’s latest release, “I’m Alright,” comes off his new project, Trouble From The Deep End

Shug Hzy possesses the ultimate melodic flow, seamlessly blending rapping and singing for a perfect fusion. Just as he has done in his previous tracks, he masterfully combines these two elements in a harmonious way. “I’m Alright” may initially sound like your typical party anthem, but Shug goes beyond the surface and delves deep into personal matters within the track. He fearlessly unleashes the turmoil that has been on his mind, taking listeners on a journey from lively partying to introspective self-discovery.

Lines such as “Hard to begin to figure who I’ll become” and “Time heals the wounds but I’m not getting better” showcase the profound introspection woven into the song’s lyrics. Despite the emotional depth, Shug skillfully dresses up the track, creating an infectious vibe that captivates and diverts your attention from the underlying complexities. So, I encourage you to press play below to be reminded of the true meaning behind saying “I’m Alright.”