Spencer Zachary

A hip-hop track all about connection and self-discovery.

Spencer Zachary is a multi-talented rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer who adores creativity in all its forms. This artist began writing poems and drawing in a composition book at a young age. Later, Zachary was introduced to rap music while living in Oakland, CA, which ignited his passion for spoken word and rhyme. At 16, his mother gifted the songwriter his first guitar, and he learned to play it with the help of YouTube videos and guitar tabs. In 2016, while traveling and living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the singer experimented with combining his raps and poems with the guitar for the first time, and as expected, he succeeded because he’s unstoppable when it comes to learning and evolving. You can find Spencer’s songs on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. His latest drop is the hip-hop single “OPEN WATER.” The song also has accompanying visuals.

“OPEN WATER” is the most lo-fi and calming track I’ve ever encountered. It’s the quintessential song for anyone floating down a river or trying to sleep. The song is about realizing the potential inside and learning more about who we are. Lyrics like “Some days we’re so close and an ocean, Wipes everything clear, Now we’re floatin'” and “Between the ‘this and that,’ I got off track and, My mind went missin'” offer up an empowering exploration of connection and self-discovery. The heartfelt emotions are evident in every word, making it a reflective hit worth listening to more than once. So, press play below to immerse yourself in the serenity of “OPEN WATER.”