Too Fast (Pull Over)

Jay Rock (Ft. Anderson .Paak & Latto)

What’s up with all of these bizarre collaborations?

Remember Jay Rock? The dude who used to roll with Kendrick Lamar and made one of the best celebratory songs of all time in “WIN?” Well, after taking about a five-year break, he’s set to return to the music scene with a brand new album. While Jay already released the first single from the project a few days ago, the one he released today, “Too Fast (Pull Over)” with Anderson .Paak and Latto, feels like the first official single.


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The energy in “Too Fast (Pull Over)” is impeccable. For starters, the track is fueled by a frantic beat that seamlessly blends Bay Area and Latin vibes. Over it, Anderson .Paak, Latto, and Jay Rock rap about fat asses, hitting up ATMs, and getting their rent paid. While the track may seem a little messy at times, it effectively hypes you up to do some reckless s**t.

Jay Rock was sipping on jungle juice before he recorded this song.