Lil Tecca

This might be Tecca’s most impressive release to date.

After reviewing Lil Tecca’s first album (Who the f**k knows what that s**t was called), I remember saying that he has potential but needs to fine-tune a few things as a rapper. Since the project’s release, he has definitely fine-tuned some s**t. I think his deliveries are crisper, his confidence is on fleek, and he has a slightly better feel for music. In my opinion, Tecca’s songs have sounded a lot better as of late. Today, he released a new single called “500lbs” that I think is fire.


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As expected, Lil Tecca sounds grandiose in “500lbs.” In the song, he uses intoxicating melodic raps to talk about his trust issues, minor relationship problems, and how he enjoys smoking before going to church (Sidenote: Do you know how amazing sermons would sound if you listened to them high?). More than anything, I love how confident Tecca sounds throughout. He genuinely comes across like someone who has full control of the wheel (Jesus, no need to grab it just yet).

Give “500lbs” a shot below.