6 Feet

Meraki Records ft. Clover

A track that easily explores an emotional tale of heartache.

Meraki Records, a musical collective hailing from both Northern California and Toronto, Canada, instantly captures attention with one of the most captivating names I’ve encountered. Their creations epitomize the distinct and defining style of Meraki Records. And when I say “unique,” I genuinely mean it—this collective transcends the boundaries of hip-hop, seamlessly blending lofi, spacey, and rap elements to craft an ambiance that perpetually evokes a sense of floating. One of their earlier releases includes the single “wya?!!!?” More recently, Meraki Records introduced their newest creation, an eight-track hip-hop album titled “MERAKI, Vol. 1.” The album, along with their other standout tracks, is readily accessible for streaming on Spotify. Notably, the hip-hop track “6 Feet,” featuring artist Clover, stands out as a captivating inclusion in Meraki Records’s latest release.

When I mention immersive and atmospheric, “6 Feet” epitomizes these qualities. Despite the lyrical narrative suggesting descent, the song’s essence imparts an upward journey, defying expectations. It may not embody outright jubilance, although its sound might suggest otherwise. Lines such as “You’re the reason why I’m broken, Why I’m broken apart, Girl I’m 6 feet down, Might never get up, To the sky, to the ground” and “Where were you when I was broken, I was on my way why couldn’t you wait?” paint a poignant narrative of anguish and heartbreak. The track exudes a hypnotic and laidback demeanor, all the while carrying a somber undertone. So, embark on the sonic journey with Meraki Records and allow yourself to delve “6 Feet” deeper or higher—wherever your emotions take you!