nikmoody, The Quiet Ones & Nikki Silva

A summer collab that brings some heat.

nikmoody is an Italian-American rapper from Long Island, NY.  The artist’s “lyrical style reflects his love for old school hip-hop and grungy rock & roll.” nikmoody is also “known for his powerful songwriting and contagious performances.” With all of his prowess, he is an exceptional singer with a name spread across many genres. nikmoody’s discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Recently, he teamed up with The Quiet Ones and American singer, songwriter, actress, and film producer Nikki Silva for “Paranoia.”

A mesmerizing mix of hip-hop and pop makes this the perfect hit. However, “Paranoia” provides us with a title that makes us a little, well, paranoid. Because of this, we’ll be second-guessing as much as the artists. Lyrics like “I just want my people to be loyal to me, I don’t wanna look over my shoulder” and “Maybe that’s just paranoia, that’s just how we fill the void, maybe that’s just paranoia” reflect the internal battles that plague our minds. It’s different for everyone, but the overall pain, sadly, is always the same among people. At the same time, it helps us feel seen. Is there a way to avoid the pain?

Press play on “Paranoia” below.