Cloud Dancing

Paige Valentine

Alt-pop with a personal twist.

Paige Valentine is an artist whose “love for the natural world is intrinsically linked to her divine sound.” By exploring themes like “love, death, growth, a loss of innocence and the stark face of grief,” the singer’s “music arches across age-old artistic fascinations.” Some of Valentine’s previous releases are “Pure” and “Fool.” These songs are available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. Currently, the artist lives in a remote part of the world; she spends much of her time writing music, surfing, riding horses, and enjoying the natural beauty around her. Paige Valentine’s latest drop is the alt-pop single “Cloud Dancing.” The artist notes that her new song was “written in the honor of one my closest friends.”

“Cloud Dancing” makes it feel like you’re soaring through the sky and singing your heart out. Lyrics like “It’s different here, Blinded by the beauty of our youth, It’s all so clear, Riding on the crescent of the earth” and “Walking with you through all time and space, We’ve got so much time” are beautifully delivered by warm vocals. At the same time, the intense energy feels like it will never let you fall. You’re within a world of joy in its own force. So, press play and let the gentle love of Paige Valentine’s new single take you “Cloud Dancing.”