Imaginary Lover


A thought-provoking, gentle, and impossible R&B track.

Finn Evergreen, also known by his musical alias fatmowf, is a 20-year-old artist whose every creation embraces an air of uniqueness. With every addition to his discography, fatmowf is bound to weave more captivating tales like the one at hand. Taking to Instagram, he expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all who offered their “kind words” and acknowledged that the reception he’s received so far holds immense significance for both himself and the talented collaborators who contributed to his project. His debut single, the soulful R&B track titled “Imaginary Lover,” is now available for streaming on Spotify. With this impressive introduction, fatmowf sets the stage for an exciting and promising musical journey.

Embracing the essence of melodies and smoothness, “Imaginary Lover” fits seamlessly into our musical preferences. Don’t be deceived by the title; this song exudes romance and relatability tenfold. With lyrics like “Fake scenarios, daydreaming of you, But what’s our fate? Our fate? I don’t even have a clue” and “You’re my secret valentine, If I say I’m okay, that’s a lie,” it serves as an incredibly sweet tribute to a cherished “secret” individual. Interestingly, those with a soft spot for fictional characters might discover a new anthem within these heartfelt verses.

As the enchanting melody unravels, “Imaginary Lover” tugs at the heartstrings with a wave of nostalgia, surpassing our initial expectations. Press play on fatmowf’s soulful track and embark on a musical journey that beautifully encapsulates the emotions of being in love with an “Imaginary Lover.”