When It Comes To You


Fridayy is an unbelievable artist.

Friday is the day I always look forward to, and Fridayy is steadily rising as my favorite singer. Just this past Friday, Fridayy unveiled his latest single titled “When It Comes To You,” and in my personal opinion, it’s nothing short of amazing.

Fridayy possesses a voice that can move mountains, setting him apart as one of the exceptional singers in the industry. In “When It Comes To You,” he skillfully harnesses the full potential of his remarkable vocals. Content-wise, the song beautifully encapsulates the essence of being a steadfast and supportive partner in a relationship. The Philadelphia-based singer pours his heart into every note, delivering passionate and emotive vocals that will resonate deeply with listeners.  The synergy between Fridayy’s soul-stirring vocals and the captivating production creates an atmosphere that is truly profound.

“When It Comes To You” is more than just a song; it becomes a transformative journey for the listener. Give it a shot below.