Ready 4 Love

Cherri V

V inspires fans to find real love- nothing less. 

Hailing from the U.K., Cherri V is not just a songstress and performer; she is a master at channeling emotions into her music. Within the realm of R&B, she carves her unique journey by pouring her soul into the creation of her singles. With each composition, V delves into profound themes such as relationships, heartbreak, self-worth, and the complex issue of colorism. While these subjects may not resonate with every individual, her artistry ensures that she imparts a universal resonance to each listener. As her music reaches diverse ears, it offers a varied perspective on her personal experiences, allowing each person to glean their own understanding and meaning from her heartfelt narratives. V’s songs are available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Her newest hit, “Ready 4 Love,” is here to pep people up instead of making them feel hopeless. 

In “Ready 4 Love,” Cherri V delivers a poignant and introspective slow-tempo contemporary R&B track, baring her emotions and vulnerability. Through soulful vocals, she lays bare her yearning for a reciprocated love, pinning her hopes on a man who initially seems to share her feelings. However, the realization dawns that his affection is insufficient, leaving her shattered and immersed in a longing that remains unfulfilled. Cherri masterfully conveys the essence of heartbreak, juxtaposing sweetness and pain in her celestial singing that resonates with the depths of hurt. As the song unfolds, she grapples with the awareness that she deserves more, yet the sting of the breakup persists, leaving her wounded. For those who find themselves echoing Cherri’s emotional journey, her music becomes a poignant mirror, urging listeners to stream her artistry and navigate their own paths toward healing and self-discovery, ultimately rekindling the flame of readiness for love amidst the aftermath of pain.