Are You Happy?

Francis On My Mind

A song that offers just the right amount of moodiness.

Francis On My Mind, a burgeoning indie-pop singer and songwriter, aims to craft a unique musical experience. Her music seamlessly melds pop rhythms with ’80s influences and a touch of electro vibes. Furthermore, her skillful fusion of moody melodies and vibrant, youthful beats artfully captures her personality. Since her debut single “On My Mind,” Francis On My Mind has continuously attracted new listeners, fostering the growth of her dedicated fanbase. In her own words, “I create my own universe through my music.” Notable among her prior releases are tracks like “Swimming Pools,” “Cloudberries,” and “I’m Alright,” all available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. One of Francis On My Mind’s latest releases is the pop single “Are You Happy?.”

It’s guitar-heavy, yet not overly loud. “Are You Happy?” holds a delicate and charming quality, seemingly at odds with its underlying theme. The question is succinct: Are you content with me, or will you find happiness in my absence? With lines like “But are you happy if you lose me, From this day, And do you feel me when I’m crying, Out your name” and “I think you wouldn’t have anything without me babe,” the artist introspectively contemplates her former partner and questions his emotions toward his current romance. Amidst a sea of doubt, these thoughts consume Francis, leading her to question the illusion of perfection. So, hit play below and pose the question to yourself: “Are You Happy?”