Sad Sugar

New Friends

A nostalgic indie-pop gem.

New Friends is a Canadian alternative pop band composed of artists from all over Southern Ontario. The ensemble includes lead singer Stefan Boulineau, guitarist Cole Wilson, keyboardist and lead writer Ayden Miller, drummer Nico Elias, and bassist Conrad. Since their inaugural performance in November 2021, New Friends has steadily garnered attention for their captivating compositions. “Our thing is to bring that nostalgia for bands we loved growing up into our sound,” expresses Conrad. The band’s repertoire encompasses tracks such as “Purple Candy,” “Little Fires,” “Doomed,” and “Ricochet.” All of their music is accessible on Spotify, YouTube, and their website. New Friends’ latest drop is the indie pop single “Sad Sugar.” 

Engaging alt-rock-infused instrumentals have a certain sweetness, yet “Sad Sugar,” in contrast to its title, carries a bittersweet tone. The song yearns for happiness while grappling with a prevailing sense of sorrow. Lyrics such as “She’s such a fast car, blackstar, Something to chase, A couple bad scars, broke hearts, Finding our way” and “I want your lip gloss, Rosé stain on my face” delve into the entanglement with a detrimental partner. Punctuated by moments of fiery pop-rock energy and seductive undertones, this track will undoubtedly have you cranking up the volume and immersing yourself in its rhythms. Amidst melancholic interludes, an irresistible rhythm propels you to move. Therefore, immerse yourself in New Friends’ music and indulge in the juxtaposition of sweetness and bitterness encapsulated within “Sad Sugar.”