Human Nature

Ari Amun

A vibrant R&B gem that makes a powerful statement.

Hailing from Atlanta, Ari Amun is a talented singer and songwriter renowned for crafting mesmerizing tunes that leave a profound impact. She possesses a deep passion for her music, expressing a love for “writing music of all genres and feelings.” According to her, whether it’s pop, funk, sadness, or love, she wants to cover it all through her writing and singing. Ari Amun’s previous releases include tracks such as “Drowning” and “Attitude.” Recently, she introduced her latest R&B single, “Human Nature,” featuring Madhi. 

“Human Nature” combines vibrant tones and groovy beats to create a dynamic musical landscape that perfectly complements its emotional exploration. Ari Amun’s powerful vocals deliver lyrics like “You’re the dream, Everyone wishes they could achieve, Perfection is all, all that we can see” and “The sun that never goes down, The moon that always sticks around” in a captivating manner. The collaboration between Ari Amun and Madhi results in a resonating R&B masterpiece that delves into the intricate aspects of love and the essence of being human. Give “Human Nature” a listen and let its words elevate your spirits.