Big 7

Burna Boy

Big Carmelo Anthony?

Burna Boy is him. Recently, he performed in New York, and everybody and their mama went to his show (Like, literally, there were mad mamas in the crowd). While Burna started as an Afropop savant, these past couple of years, he’s been dabbling in more and more hip-hop and R&B music, so I’m not surprised that he has a big fanbase in the US. With that being said, in preparation for his forthcoming album, I Told Them…, Burna decided to drop “Big 7,” a track that straddles the line between R&B and hip-hop.

I just love the vibes attached to “Big 7.” In the song, which is powered by vibrant production that is hard to tie to a single genre, Burna Boy uses an invigorating style of singing to pay homage to his fallen friends and brothers, and to dismiss squares that don’t belong in his crew. While he keeps it cool as hell in his verses, the hook sounds emotional and infectious. All in all, this is the ultimate feel-good record.

Burna Boy looks like he had some fun in New York, based on the music video for this song. I wonder what he thought about the rats on the streets…