Coldway "Should've Known" About This Love Loss

Should’ve Known


This song makes red flags sound so good, even if you should have said no. 

Coldway, a singer-songwriter, and producer from Memphis, possesses a captivating and soulful melody that delivers an electrifying and “down-to-earth” experience, offering fans an otherworldly sensation. Undoubtedly, this is his forte. His artistry is dedicated to ensuring that each time fans play his music, they’re transported to an alternate universe. Every one of his hits is endowed with names that either evoke distinct memories or craft specific aesthetics, an approach that propels him to perpetually venture into the uncharted realms of music that lie ahead. Some of his singles are “Water,” “Strangers,” and “Nudes from You.” Check out these singles, and more, on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Coldway’s latest single, “Should’ve Known,” gives funk the spark we’ve been dying for.

“Should’ve Known” captivates its audience with a seamless fusion of funk, jazz, and a subtle electronic twist in its production. This composition, layered with a resonant bass, weaves a cautionary narrative of succumbing to an ill-fated romance. Within the story, Coldway finds himself on the receiving end of mistreatment from his partner, revealing a disheartening realization that she is inherently unchanging. The blame, he directs towards himself, acknowledging that he should have recognized her treacherous nature. Was it a case of his blindness to her true self, or a deliberate choice to disregard the harsh reality for the sake of convenience? Such questions remain elusive. Yet, the trajectory of this tale is clear – an inevitable conclusion that won’t be marked by happiness. Ultimately, the artist’s heart appears destined for sorrow, and his love, destined for loss. Immerse yourself in Coldway’s artistry and use “Should’ve Known” as a reminder to navigate your own future relationships with a discerning eye, learning from the pitfalls of the past.