It’s Getting Hot

NLE Choppa

I wonder if Nelly approves of this song.

I’m a big fan of NLE Choppa. In my opinion, he’s a fearless artist capable of making all kinds of music. Like, since 2017, I’ve heard him in an NBA YoungBoy bag, a lyrical bag, and an EDM bag. In “It’s Getting Hot,” he shows us his Nelly bag.

Before you oldheads start complaining about NLE Choppa remixing “Hot In Herre,” let me remind you that “Hot In Herre” came out over 20 years ago. A whole generation of people doesn’t know what that song is. With that being said, I can see the younger generation really vibing to NLE Choppa’s version of the song. While it features a flipped version of the “Hot In Herre” beat and hook, NLE Choppa does bless us with original verses that have a 2023-styled violent and freaky lyrics. I don’t love what I heard, but I do think NLE’s charisma makes things sound not so bad.

Damn, I feel so old.