Post Malone shows off his Steph Curry-like range in “AUSTIN.”




5. Don’t Understand 

Goddammit, I like you, Post Malone! Now, Karl Malone, I definitely don’t like him.

Yes, this album starts with the somber “Don’t Understand” (Did you really expect Post Malone to start this album off with a “Dreams and Nightmares” type song?). While you get stripped-down production and melodies that are as timeless as it gets in the song, I believe it’s Posty’s deep lyrics and soft, emotional vocals that will really strike a chord with you. Like, every time he asks us why he likes him because he doesn’t like himself, I put tears back in my eyeballs. 



4. Novacandy

Holy s**t, Post Malone actually sounds pretty happy in “Novacandy.” He probably made this song right when the drugs pulled up for a jump shot in his system.

Contrary to popular belief, Post Malone said he has never taken hard drugs. With that being said, the glee and free spirit that he sings with in “Novacandy” is brought to you by his inner happiness, a splash of Modelo, and maybe a little bit of Reggie. Whatever the case may be, I think it’s very easy to get lost in this song’s upbeat, comforting production and Post Malone’s unrestrained vocals and cheery lyrics.


3. Laugh It Off & Speedometer

“Laugh It Off” & “Speedometer” just fought in the bathroom for the 3rd best track on this album. I eventually said, “f**k it, y’all can both be number 3!”

The writing we get in both “Speedometer” and “Laugh It Off” is amazing; the songs do sound completely different, though. The former is on some hazy, uptempo, romantic, and electro-pop s**t, while the latter is on some gentle, touching, vulnerable, and bluesy s**t. Both songs give off old-school vibes and should be downloaded immediately.



2. Chemical

“Chemical” is the kind of song that makes me proud that I have white friends.

I prefer “Hacky Sack” Post Malone over “White Iverson” Post Malone. To me, the former sounds a lot purer. With that being said, Posty sounds so white in “Chemical,” I wouldn’t be surprised if he made the song while hiking. In it, he allows his free spirit to take over; as a result, you get his signature cracked voice and lyrical content that revolves around the power of drugs. All in all, I think that “Chemical” is the definition of a top 40 hit.

When Post Malone’s voice cracks, it makes my soul feel like it’s in a play-in game.



1. Mourning

Damn, did Posty say he drank 30 high noons at a party recently? How was his body able to function after 15?

Post Malone keeps it a stack in “Mourning.” Over production that boasts some hard-hitting 808s, hazy vibes, and soothing guitar licks, the Syracuse native passionately sings about his struggles with alcohol and how important it is to have the right people around you. While I feel bad as s**t calling this depressing track a bop, at the end of the day, it has a catchy hook and a dope-ass beat (Y’all think they are going to play this s**t in clubs?).


1. Don’t Understand (5/5)

2. Something Real (4/5)

3. Chemical (5/5)

4. Novacandy (5/5)

5. Mourning (5/5)

6. Too Cool To Die (4/5)

7. Sign Me Up (4/5)

8. Socialte (4/5)

9. Overdrive (4.5/5)

10. Speedomoter (5/5)

11. Hold My Breath (4/5)

12. Enough Is Enough (3.5/5)

13. Texas Tea (4/5)

14. Buyer Beware (4/5)

15. Landmine (4/5)

16. Green Thumb (4/5)

17. Laugh It Off (5/5)


(B+) (87%)


Can we put Post Malone on Mount Rushmore (We don’t need Abraham Lincoln up there anymore, right)?

With AUSTIN, Post Malone did three things that I absolutely love as a music fan:

  1. He did a whole album with zero features.
  2. He showed the world his vulnerable side.
  3. He comfortably and fearlessly toyed with a bunch of different genres.

While fans of Posty’s tracks like “White Iverson” and “Motley Crew” might be disappointed with the direction he took on this album, those of us who appreciate good writing, voice cracks, and vibes that you can feel in your soul will appreciate the hell out of it.

For the longest time, I didn’t think Post Malone and I had much in common. I mean, for instance, look at his f**king face; it’s marked up like the subways in Harlem. After listening to AUSTIN, I’m convinced that we are very similar people. Throughout the album, Posty talks about self-improvement, love, addiction, and everything in between in ways that I feel we all naturally think about it. He also comes across as blindly happy/optimistic and exaggeratedly pessimistic (We all feel these feelings occasionally, right?). In other words, deep down, we are all Posty (Minus the big bank account and amazing voice).

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