Saweetie (Ft. Tyga & YG)

Saweetie’s birthdays are clearly more lit than our birthdays.

So, the streets are saying that Saweetie and YG are dating. If that’s true, I think they make a solid couple. Not only are they both from California, but they are also both rappers and down to party. Today, Saweetie decided to drop a new collaborative single with YG and Tyga called “BIRTHDAY.”

“BIRTHDAY” is capitalized for a reason. The song aims to get you ready to party your ass off and prepared to do some crazy s**t. While Tyga and YG are the ones that come with the sly, pimpadocios energy, it’s Saweetie that brings the ‘I don’t give a f**k, I’m ’bout to get wasted and act crazy’ energy. Overall, I think this banger has a catchy hook and some cool rap styles.

It might not be your birthday, but still give “BIRTHDAY” a shot below.