Face Down

MCVERTT, Sexy Redd & A$AP Ferg

Of course, a song called “Face Down” is wild as s**t.

It’s the summertime, get off your ass and go to a sweaty-ass party! Seriously, this is the season to get your s**t off, and music like “Face Down” by MCVERTT, Sexy Redd, and A$AP Ferg will make you do just that. 

Tying “Face Down” to a single subgenre will be the biggest mistake you can make in your life. Though the song is hip-hop for sure, it has bounce, house, and Jersey club elements attached to it. As for A$AP Ferg and Sexy Redd, they are pure wahala throughout. The former sounds like a dog that got its hands on a perc and some steroids, while the latter sounds like she just found out she won the lottery and is having an orgasm on the mic. Their raps are energetic, raw, and catchy. 

Don’t show your grandparents this song. They might fall out like Fred Sanford, bro.