Toure (Ft. EST Gee)

Emotional street vibes for the win.

TOURE is heating up. Since emerging on the music scene with World Tour in 2018, he’s come out with a bunch of projects and singles. In my opinion, it’s his Hood Poetry and Only 4 The Trenches albums that penetrated the masses for the rapper. Recently, Toure returned to the music scene with a brand new album called ALL I WANTED WAS EVERYTHING. One of the best tracks from the project is “AIN’T WANNA LEAVE” with EST Gee.

No cap, this is one of my favorite emotional street bangers from this year. “AIN’T WANNA LEAVE” boasts a smooth, dramatic trap beat that might make everyone in the bando shed tears. Over it, Toure hits us with passionate raps that have him talking about the cruelty that comes with being in the streets. He also talks about the inevitable addiction that comes with making money. As for EST Gee, he hits us with a gritty verse that has him sounding ready for war and thankful for those who’s loyal to him. When you combine all of the contributions, you get damn-there the perfect record.

Give “AIN’T WANNA LEAVE” by Toure and EST Gee a shot below.