Peak Mean

J Roberts (Ft. Conway The Machine & ShowRocka)

The bars we get in this song need to be devoured with a fork and knife.

These days, I have an appreciation for rappers who truly value rap, and J Roberts is one of those rappers. Over the past couple of years, he has released some intricate hip-hop records, packed with high-level bars. In his latest single, “Peak Mean,” Roberts collaborates with two other artists creating high-quality rap records: Conway The Machine and ShowRocka.

I stood up and clapped after listening to this hard-hitting banger. First and foremost, “Peak Mean” boasts an elegant, chilling hip-hop beat that kicks ass and wears a napkin on its neck when it eats. Over it, J Roberts, Conway The Machine, and ShowRocka absolutely shine. The trio hit us with next-level punchlines, extraordinary deliveries, and gritty flows. They also drop competitive lyrics that will dismiss any chance you had at thinking you were better than them. All in all, “Peak Mean” is hip-hop gold.

Give “Peak Mean” a shot below.