Alena Ciera Knows This Isn't "All In My Head"

Alena Ciera unearths every thought that’s “All In My Head.”





3. In Your Feelings

I only want you to channel your emotions.

To be completely honest, you won’t find a groovier hit that makes you feel awesome. However, as you listen to “In Your Feelings,” you’ll start to wonder why everyone is in their feelings. Ciera has masterfully infused this breakout pop song with many fine details, from the catchy chorus to the upbeat, colorful production. Her charisma shines through as she sets someone straight in the politest way possible. This song isn’t about them; it’s about her! Despite being the closing hit, it stands out as number one when it comes to getting us up and singing along.



2. Change Your Mind

Just let go of your pride already!

“Change Your Mind” amalgamates contemporary pop, rock, and electronic elements. In case you weren’t aware, Ciera is a professional guitarist, and she ensures that you leave knowing it. She exhibits her incredible skills through an epic guitar solo that creates a spectacular bridge. Have you changed your mind about her yet? If she hasn’t become your new favorite artist, perhaps you should listen again.

Here, we receive an excellent lesson in attempting to see the point of view of the person you care about. Sometimes, being the bigger person is essential to make things right.



1. What You Want

Indecisive people, I’m calling you out; this one’s about you.

Ciera skillfully blends pristine synths with her cool, gripping vocals, creating a charming, bubbly pop sound in “What You Want.” The song revolves around dealing with someone who simply can’t make a decision (We’ve all been there, right?). We understand the struggle of dealing with those individuals, or perhaps we even are those individuals. Either way, Ciera finds herself waiting for that person to take action. Despite the seemingly harsh theme, there’s an incredible energy to this bittersweet love song that lifts you up rather than brings you down.


All In My Head (3/5)

Change Your Mind 4/5)

Somebody To Love (3.5/5)

What You Want (4/5)

In Your Feelings (4/5)




This is the kind of EP that ensures you never feel bad for being yourself.

Alena Ciera skillfully explores different variations of pop in each song, making them distinct from one another. She is unrelenting in expressing her emotions about various situations while simultaneously encouraging us not to apologize for who we are. We all possess unique qualities as individuals, and there is no reason to feel ashamed of them.

All In My Head showcases Alena Ciera’s diverse skills as well. She excels as a brilliant guitarist, infusing each song with her personal touch, resulting in a versatile pop album that is incredibly enjoyable. 

Alena Ciera is undoubtedly worth the listen, as there are no ifs, ands, or buts about her. She speaks candidly and advocates for the individuality of every person, even if some of these individuals can be frustrating at times. There’s every reason to hit play on this album because her music is meant for anyone needing emotional support.