My Routine (Wally’s)

Pavy (Ft. ImJaeHall)

A chill, honest hip-hop gem. 

Jonathan McCoy (aka Pavy) is another hip-hop artist from Chicago doing his thing. One thing you have to appreciate about him is his love for the genre. Since picking up a pen at the age of 14, Pavy has “worked to perfect his craft as a lyricist and MC.” These days, he’s so good at what he does that I can’t believe his raps aren’t made out of butter. Recently, Pavy dropped a brand new album called The Bachelor. One of the best tracks from the project is “My Routine (Wally’s).”

In “My Routine (Wally’s),” Pavy talks about “changing his mental space” and potentially ending his player ways. The first thing that stands out about the song is how honest Pavy comes across in it. Aside from his candid lyrics, he raps with a laidback tone that matches the vibes the beat gives off. All in all, this is a comforting hip-hop banger that many of you will relate to.

Give “My Routine (Wally’s)” a shot below.