Make Up Your Mind


This is Soul Train music.

Things are so much bigger than music for Cordae right now. A few weeks ago, an announcement was made that he and Naomi Osaka had welcomed a baby girl into the world. If I were to guess, Cordae’s picking up more diapers than mics these days. Today, he did return to the music scene with a brand new single called “Make Up Your Mind.” 

In “Make Up Your Mind,” Cordae actually f**ks with a disco beat (yes, you heard it right, disco). Like, based on the production, you should be twirling your ass off to this s**t. While Cordae does some singing on the track (And sounds pretty good), he also hits us with a few rap verses that will make his core fans happy. But, honestly, what stood out to me was his lyrics. they reference a chick that is as wishy-washy as Zach Wilson when it comes to loving him. I’m not drawing conclusions, I’m just reading lyrics…

Cordae > Bruno Mars.