Halle is ready for her solo music career to get off the ground fully.

One day, we’ll completely forget that Halle x Chloe was once a thing. Both artists are doing so well with their solo careers you almost forget what they did before launching them. While Chlöe has already released a full-length album, it seems like Halle is ready to get her music career started because today, she released her first solo track (Outside of the Little Mermaid soundtrack): “Angel.”

More than anything, it’s the message that Halle delivers in this song that is important. In “Angel,” she encourages women who resemble her to embrace every aspect of themselves; from their hair to their skin. The heart-pumping production combined with Halle’s opera-like melodies makes for an experience that will touch your heart, warm your soul, and please your ears. 

Halle is the perfect girl to bring to your parents. As for Chlöe, if your parents don’t have Instagram, you can bring her to them, too!