Left 4 Dead

Trippie Redd

I’m not crying; I just have allergies.

I predict that Trippie Redd’s forthcoming album will be one of his best. Based on the few singles that I’ve heard from it, it seems like he’s going back to the basics. What are the basics, you ask? Singing his ass off until his larynx starts to hurt. Today, the Ohio native returned to the music scene with a new single called “Left 4 Dead.” In it, he sings like someone who forgot his heart at the counter of a TSA checkpoint.

Is Trippie Redd’s vocal performance on “Left 4 Dead” amazing? Not exactly. But let me tell you, his passion is seriously captivating to listen to. In the course of the song, driven by this emotional, hard-hitting, guitar-driven beat, Trippie delivers a poignant narrative about how a lost relationship left him utterly heartbroken, leading folks around his block to nickname him Ben Simmons. Apart from his soul-clenching vocal performance, I believe he delivers an outstanding hook.

Chipotle leaves me for dead every time they tell me they ran out of corn salsa. I know how you feel, Trippie.