Good Good


Usher gotta win comeback player of the year.

For black people worldwide, there are three events you need to go to before you die: The Super Bowl, The Essence Music Festival, and Usher’s Las Vegas Residency. Seriously, every single black person I know says they’ve either gone to or want to go to the latter. Aside from that, some crazy s**t has been happening at Usher’s shows lately, so it’s been on our minds. Taking advantage of his popularity surge, Usher released a new single called “Good Good” with Summer Walker and 21 Savage.

“Good Good” is powered by a babymaking, uptempo R&B beat with these amazing synths and random-ass sirens. Over it, Usher and Summer Walker go back and forth on some passive-aggressive, I wish my ex well s**t. Both of their vocal performances come across as truly impressive; Summer puts in effort as if it were game 7.

Thankfully, 21 Savage actually raps in “Good Good.” In his lone verse on the song, he uses a laidback delivery to also wish his ex well. Surprisingly, he sounds the nicest out of the three artists. 21 legit sounds like he’s ready to be his ex’s Task Rabbit.