How We Roll

Ciara (Ft. Chris Brown)

This song should’ve been called “No Guidance (The Goodies version).”

Generation Z don’t know how popular Chris Brown and Ciara were in their primes. For God’s sake, the former was on gum commercials, while the latter practically kept the dancing culture alive for female R&B acts. This past weekend, a collaboration track with the two singers, “How We Roll,” hit streaming services. 

I want to go to parties that play songs like this; not ones that play “I Look Good” by Charlie Boy. “How We Roll” boasts a smooth, sultry R&B beat that is perfect for dancing romantically to. As for Chris Brown and Ciara, they meet the beat at the rim with passionate and seductive vocal performances that perfectly align with their lyrics about connecting with your partner on another level. All in all, “How We Roll” is a hit.

Give “How We Roll” a shot below.