KOTO? & Soft Eyez (Ft. KA1 BANK$ & The Miserable Genius)

KOTO?, KA1 BANK$, and The Miserable Genius say some serious s**t in this smooth hip-hop banger (Do you like what I did there?).

KOTO? & Soft Eyez are killing s**t in their own unique ways. The former spits intricate raps, while the latter whips up beats like a wizard. Together, they’re like a cosmic dream team. Remember back in 2022 when they dropped “Mornington Me”? Well, they’ve done it again with their fresh jam “DOODOOSTAINS.”

Don’t let the name fool you— “DOODOOSTAINS” is a work of art! The track’s core rides on a smooth instrumental that feels like a classy dinner soirée, giving your senses a gentle embrace. Riding this wave, KOTO? and featured talents KA1 BANK$ and The Miserable Genius drop verses that are motivational, competitive, and, quite frankly, cool as hell. Their lines are peppered with smart wordplay and flawless flows, adding an extra layer of brilliance. Ultimately, “DOODOOSTAINS” is like a lavish feast of rap goodness.

Give “DOODOOSTAINS” a shot below.