Day Off

Elyrix (Ft. Gunna)

This is target practice for both Gunna and Elyrix.

Elyrix is making a name for himself, especially internationally. His music usually has impactful lyrics and stirring vibes, and people from all over the globe are getting into it. As for Gunna, you already know him. He’s the “#fukumean” guy who’s had a very impressive 2023. In “Day Off,” Elyrix and Gunna unite, creating a banger that perfectly fits both of their styles.

In “Day Off,” Elyrix and Gunna emphasize the importance of grinding your ass off, being resilient, and giving yourself a pat on the back when finding success. They also talk about sipping on those delicious concoctions that your doc might raise an eyebrow at. Throughout the song, the two artists slide their asses off, dropping those smooth flows and killer melodies that will keep you hooked. They really ride the wave of the horn-heavy trap beat flawlessly.

Elyrix might take Yeat’s spot…