Don’t Belong

Nyrah Soull

A soft and soulful R&B tune that examines a dying relationship.

Nyrah Soull is a singer and songwriter with a pure soul and an amazing voice. The northwest London native considers artists like India Arie, Amy Winehouse, and Jhené Aiko among her biggest musical inspirations. The singer “takes a very hands-on approach to her sound, writing all of her songs and co-producing.” Additionally, Nyrah Soull’s music never limits itself to one genre and instead offers a “fresh raw sound” for her many fans. Some of her previous releases include songs like “Netflix & Feel,” “Always,” and “Reminisce.” Nyrah Soull’s latest drop is the R&B single “Don’t Belong.”

With an uplifting blend of dreamy tones and infectious instrumentals, “Don’t Belong” provides the perfect sweet and soulful soundscape to complement the track’s emotional exploration. Lyrics like “When all is said and done, And you won’t right your wrongs, I guess that means we don’t belong” and “Yeah, the truth of the matter is none of this matters, Why keep the book when we’re in different chapters?” reflect on a dying relationship. With a gorgeously soft sense and a magical piano solo to close things out, Nyrah Soull gifts us a beautiful yet bittersweet breakup tune ready to tug at your heartstrings. So, press play and let the words of “Don’t Belong” help you move on from an ex-love.