Chuck Noris

Pablo Spragga

Pablo Spragga has no time for f**k boys.

Pablo Spragga might not have attained the legendary acclaim of Spragga Benz just yet, but mark our words, he’s poised for something substantial. This individual is a musical maestro, skillfully intertwining Afro-pop, Reggae, and Dancehall, resulting in a remarkably innovative blend. And when he takes the stage, the passion in his voice ignites like a blazing inferno – an undeniable force. Recently, Pablo released an EP called Black Gambino. One of the hottest tracks from it is “Chuck Noris.”

You guessed it, Pablo Spragga kicks ass in “Chuck Noris.” While the iconic Chuck Norris is renowned for using his hands and feet to conquer adversaries, Pablo takes a different approach by employing an irresistibly catchy hook, rapid and consistent flows, and a hefty dose of animation to emerge victorious. Amidst the track’s fiery lyrics, Pablo’s mastery shines through, all set against a backdrop of remarkably smooth production. When all is said and done, I’m inclined to label “Chuck Noris” as my personal favorite among Pablo’s hits.

Give “Chuck Noris” a shot below.