Connor Garelick lets the blazing bars fly in “Flow Free.”




3. Show Out

Don’t you just love that Connor Garelick ended this EP sounding as confident as ever?

“Show Out” exudes a captivating blend of aggression, fluid flows, and unwavering self-assurance that Connor delivers with compelling conviction. His confidence and sense of direction for his upcoming years are palpable, creating an enticing aura around the track. The synergy between his rap performance and the sly, resonant production results in an anthem that is both inspirational and exhilarating.



2. Trippin (Ft. Paris Lenore)

I actually kicked back with a tub of popcorn in my hand while jamming to this track.

“Trippin” finds Connor Garelick and Paris Lenore engaging in a heated exchange. Paris takes a shot at Connor, pointing out his player persona and moments of irritability. In response, Connor passionately reassures Paris of his ability to fulfill her desires and professes his love for her. Honestly, it seems like their conflicts stem from significant misunderstandings.

The dynamic exchange between Connor and Paris is truly remarkable. Their spirited contributions create a tantalizing back-and-forth that adds an extra layer of intrigue to the track. It’s a thrilling dynamic to witness. The frantic production that underpins the entire composition also resonates with me, amplifying the overall impact.



1. Tree

Meaningful bars to open this album.

Isn’t it frustrating dealing with all those negative Nancys and Debbie Downers? Well, in “Tree,” Connor Garelick takes a stand against them. With production that packs a punch and irresistible vibes that will grab your attention, Connor delivers a message calling for unity and support. He’s urging people to come together, shed the divisions, and embrace growth. What’s intriguing is that even though the lyrics are positive, our hero’s delivery is nothing short of fiery. It’s an interesting contrast that I believe will deeply connect with listeners.


1. Tree (4/5)

2. Feelin Shiesty (4/5)

3. Whatcha Say (4/5)

4. Trippin (4/5)

5. My Mind (4/5)

6. Show Out (4/5)




Flow Free is a concise yet impactful testament to Connor Garelick’s innovative approach to crafting music. What truly captivates me about Garelick’s performances across the EP is the sheer spectrum of emotions he effortlessly navigates. From the motivational currents flowing through “Tree” to the unapologetic confidence exuding from “Feelin Shiesty” to the tender romanticism that graces “Whatcha Say” to the raw vulnerability bared in “My Mind,” Garelick’s versatility shines brightly.

Connor’s fearlessness in traversing these diverse emotional landscapes showcases his artistic range and forges a genuine connection with listeners. Each track becomes a window into his soul, inviting us to join him in an intimate exploration of his experiences and perspectives. As I eagerly immersed myself in the world of Flow Free, I couldn’t help but anticipate the unfolding chapters of Garelick’s musical journey. With an EP that tantalizingly hints at his multifaceted artistry, I am left with an undeniable excitement and anticipation for the artistic gems he is poised to unveil in the future.