Good Summer

French Montana

French Montana stays with a random-ass summer hit.

When you heard “Shot Caller” back in the day, did you think French Montana would have a 12+ year career? One of the reasons he’s been able to last this long in the rap game is his ability to reinvent himself repeatedly. Throughout the years, we’ve heard him spit bars over some boom-bap s**t, some Afropop s**t, some club s**t, and some drill s**t. French is the ultimate opportunist. In his latest single, “Good Summer,” he does work over some frantic house s**t.

“Good Summer” is all over the place, much like the Washington Wizards roster. The song has a fusion of reggae, Jersey club, New Orleans bounce, and gangsta vibes. Listening to it feels like walking from room to room at Madhatter in DC. As for French Montana, he switches between sounding like a rap snacks singer and a raw rapper, hitting us with pretty simple lyrics about money and women in between. I didn’t need him in this song, and it’s his song.

Give “Good Summer” by French Montana a shot below.