Now It’s Real

Gucci Mane

Expect to hear “Now It’s Real” on Gucci Mane’s forthcoming “Breath Of Fresh Air” album.

Gucci Mane is a Hall-of-Famer in my eyes. His influence spans far and wide, and his extensive catalog is undeniably impressive. Since his release from jail, it seems like he’s embraced life with a newfound vigor, which is particularly commendable given the challenges he’s faced throughout the years. Gucci’s latest single, “Now It’s Real,” sheds light on his remarkable transformation.
In “Now It’s Real,” Gucci Mane delves into his journey of leaving behind lean, cutting ties with insincere friends, and cruising in luxury vehicles. Despite the track’s dramatic production, the Atlanta rapper maintains an air of nonchalance. His verses are delivered with a laidback cadence, almost as if he crafted the track while lounging in a hot tub. Regardless of personal preferences, Gucci’s evolution demands respect.
Give “Now It’s Real” a shot below.