A sweet and soulful indie pop offering that’ll tug at your heart.

Southern California-based musical twosome, JUICYPEAR, is “the serotonin-packed, sonic lovechild of Jacob & Jasmine Mayeda.” This husband and wife band offers “shimmering power-pop” that provides “an essential dose of levity & bliss to weary souls worldwide.” JUICYPEAR’s 2020 debut received some serious attention thanks to TV placements on NBC, MTV, and the CW. Since then, the artists have released “a slow-but-steady stream of infectious singles.” The band also has a self-titled, full-length album expected to be released this fall. JUICYPEAR’s latest drop is the indie pop single “Orbit” and its accompanying lyric video.

With an instantly immersive blend of melodic tones and snappy beats, “Orbit” offers a delightfully dynamic backdrop to complement the track’s heartfelt romantic reflection. Lyrics like “People need the drama, like the chaos and the flame, Our love flows like water, we will circle round again” and “A planetary vision of the way that it can be, We dance around each other with a cosmic energy” provide back-to-back, out of this world declarations of love. With its soft, soothing vocals and a wonderfully sweet and soulful soundscape, JUICYPEAR gifts us with a stellar indie pop tune that’ll leave you lovestruck. So press play and let yourself soar into “Orbit.”