Love & War


“Love & War” proves there’s hope for love.

Hailing from North Carolina, the introspective artist Seekie brings a fresh and otherworldly dimension to the Hip-Hop scene. Through his music, he offers a window into profound topics like relationships, emotions, and life itself. His vibrant, contagious beats encourage listeners to reflect inward while grooving along. His latest single, “Love & War,” is a unique reminder of the potential for growth through love.

“Love & War” specifically resonates with couples navigating through tumultuous times. Seekie candidly exposes his own relationship, chronicling their journey from an initial focus on building a perfect future together. However, challenges soon emerge, including conflicts, fake individuals wishing them ill, and the struggle to realize their dreams. Despite the hurdles, they’re determined to remain steadfastly united. The track possesses a dreamy, classical aura, adding an unexpectedly delightful twist to the hip-hop genre.

Immerse yourself in Seekie’s “Love & War” for an insightful musical experience.