An indie pop track that gives a giant FU to an ex.

Born and raised in Toronto, Zoe Katzberg, better known as earth2zoe, is a singer, songwriter, and actress. Being a musical artist was something that she always had within her. Katzberg was writing lyrics and singing catchy melodies since she could talk. As an adult, she’s still writing catchy tunes, but now for an audience of over 1 million listeners across all social media platforms. Her breakout hit single, “Blowing Smoke,” made under the stage name Zoelly, caught the attention of many, propelling her into the limelight. Now, as earth2zoe, she’s connecting with fans with her infectious melodies and personal lyrics. Her music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and her website. earth2zoe’s newest release is the single “lame.”

Earth2zoe possesses both impressive investigative skills and an innate resistance to deception. Her exceptional creativity shines through as she transforms her emotions into art, particularly evident in her response to her ex’s infidelity through an indie pop track. Unrestrained, her vocals alternate between cutting lines and sweet serenity, fearlessly addressing her unscrupulous ex with lyrics like “Can’t believe I fell for all your charades and your two-faced bullshit” and “Think I’m a fool, but you’re the only one lying.” This masterful fusion of introspection and diss-track elements creates a resonant piece that deeply connects with those who have endured the pain of betrayal in a relationship.

Press play on “lame” below.