Sleepy Hallow & Marshmello

This track is fire.

While Marshmello predominantly collaborates with artists within the EDM genre, he occasionally joins forces with R&B and hip-hop artists. He consistently produces powerful and impactful records when he engages with the latter. I can confidently say that his recent collaboration with Sleepy Hallow, titled “GBG,” stands out as one of his hardest singles to date.

“GBG” is driven by a booming drill beat, accentuated by a high-pitched vocal sample that will exhilarate EDM enthusiasts. Based on this brief description, you might assume the song leans towards a more commercial sound. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In the track, Sleepy Hallow showcases his rawest vocal delivery, vividly depicting the dark and tumultuous activities he and his friends are engaged in on the streets today. When all is said and done, I think this song will go crazy on social media (Which is all that matters today).

Don’t hesitate to give “GBG” by Marshmello and Sleepy Hallow a listen below.