Dialed In

Kap Houston

A feel-good, country-vibing hip-hop single.

Kap Houston is a NASCAR tire changer, content creator, and entertainer. In his work as an artist, Kap “draws significant inspiration from the vibrant culture of the Bronx, NY, and the tight-knit community and competitive spirit of NASCAR auto racing.” Music has long been a “comforting escape” for the artist who first discovered his passion for rap during high school and has “since embraced writing rhymes as an inherent part of his identity.” Kap Houston’s latest drop is the alternative hip-hop single “Dialed In,” which the artist calls “a fun and energetic vibe with a catchy melody that’s sure to captivate NASCAR, Country, and Hip-Hop fans.”

With a vibrant blend of uplifting instrumentals and bold beats, “Dialed In” offers a delightful country-vibing backdrop to complement the tune’s feel-good reflection. Lyrics like “I’m Dialed in with a hot chick by my side, Full tank four tires pumped up can’t break my stride” and “Country boy from the Mo living the dream, Been in the pits since Dale was wearing wrangler jeans” are delivered with energetic, passion-filled vocals. With no shortage of delightful dance elements and charm, Kap Houston gifts us with a grin-inducing country hip-hop single that’s sure to please auto-racing fans. So press play and shift into high gear with “Dialed In.”