Newly Departed

Chase Murphy

Feel inspired by “Newly Departed.”

I can tell that Chase Murphy is chasing greatness. There’s something about the Boston, MA native’s look, demeanor, and focus on the mic that screams out, “I want to be great.” How he fearlessly dabbles in all kinds of genres, such as electro-pop, boom-bap rap, and more, also makes him a must-listen. If you want a cliff notes summary of how good of a musician Chase is, I recommend you listen to songs by him, such as “No Mo” and “30 Below.” If you have a few more minutes to spare, I highly recommend you listen to his latest single, “Newly Departed.”

In “Newly Departed,” Chase Murphy talks about celebrating life — not for the hell of it, but because he put the work in to be able to. What’s very interesting about the song is its old-school vibes. The track, which boasts a hard-hitting, spellbinding hip-hop beat and raw yet infectious melodic raps, reminds me of the kind of music Drake and Wiz Khalifa made back in 2009. That was such a good year for music.

Give “Newly Departed” by Chase Murphy a shot below.