Blood Moon

Mike WiLL Made-It

This might be the song of the year…

Mike WiLL Made-It accomplished so much in the past, he can retire today, and I would have no problem with that. The good news is this: He hasn’t retired, so I don’t know why I am even talking about him retiring. Today, the super producer decided to drop a new song with Lil Uzi Vert called “Blood Moon.” Interestingly, it was co-produced by the one and only J. Cole.

First and foremost, the beat that powers “Blood Moon” is f**king awesome. It boasts tons of bass and a haunting vocal sample that will excite horror movie fans like myself. As for Lil Uzi Vert, they meet the beat at the rim (They still get dunked on by it, though). In their verses, they hit us with tons of wacky adlibs, tricky flows, and lyrical content that has them sounding like a rich, horny troll. In their second verse, they actually do a spot-on Young Thug impersonation (Friendly reminder: Uzi’s next project will be called Barter 16. An ode to Young Thug, who did an ode to Lil Wayne. Yes, my head hurts, too). All in all, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a song like this.

Man, why couldn’t we get a Cole verse on this s**t?