Unavailable (Remix)

Davido (Ft. Latto)

Latto is racking up the passport stamps.

My prediction about Latto becoming an international superstar is coming true. Over the past few months, she has been making appearances on TV shows, collaborating on Korean songs, contributing to club records, engaging in diss tracks, and much more. Today, the Atlanta rapper was seen on a remix of Nigerian star Davido’s popular track “Unavailable.”

Let’s be honest: “Unavailable” has already amassed over 66 million views on Spotify alone, so the song didn’t necessarily require a Latto remix. Nevertheless, I believe her addition brings a fresh hip-hop flair to the track. Against the backdrop of the lively and calming Ampiano beat, Latto asserts her authority by delivering a verse that dismisses useless negroes and champions self-love. I’m actually a little surprised at how aggressive her verse sounds. With that being said, I do think her messages fit the song perfectly.

Give “Unavailable (Remix)” by Davido and Latto a shot below.