Lil Tecca (Ft. Kodak Black)

Thank GOD y’all rappers didn’t try to blackball Kodak Black.

Kodak Black would be considered Lil Tecca’s mentor. Isn’t that crazy as s**t (I feel so old these days)? Despite their distinct styles, they find common ground in “HVN ON EARTH,” where their collaboration strikes a harmonious balance and yields impressive results.

“HVN ON EARTH” is a pretty smooth record. It is powered by this soulful R&B beat that might make a freak take their clothes off faster than you can say Victor Wembanyama. In their respective verses, Lil Tecca and Kodak Black, while delivering melodic raps infused with passion, both address themes of asserting control over their careers and relationships in their music. Additionally, Kodak Black introduces an element of threat within his lyrics.

Kodak Black has been racking up the checks. It’s clear he doesn’t want to go back into the office (If you know what I mean).