How U Been

The Only Carnell

A bouncy track about shutting down the outside noise.

J. Cole isn’t the only artist from Fayetteville, North Carolina, who is doing their thing. The Only Carnell has also been booming in his city, mainly because of his versatility as an artist and honesty as a lyricist. Though his catalog isn’t very extensive, Carnell has been able to make an impact with his It’s Carnell EP and various hot-ass singles. You can find his entire catalog on Spotify. The Only Carnell’s latest single is “How U Been.”

In “How U Been,” The Only Carnell tells us something we already know: A lot of rappers are liars. Throughout the song, he calls out his peers for lying about how much money they are making and their willingness to entertain beef. Even though the track is powered by this uptempo, bouncy beat that will get you hyped up, The Only Carnell comes across as laidback in his verses as he hits us with raw raps that sound cool as hell. 

Give “How U Been” a shot below.