Moment Of Your Life

Brent Faiyaz & Coco Jones

One of the best love songs of 2023.

Brent Faiyaz might be the best male R&B artist in the game today (I still blast his hits “DEAD MAN WALKING” and “Fell In Love”). Coco Jones might be the hottest new name in female R&B (I hear “ICU” on the radio every other week in DC). It makes sense that the two artists joined forces for a new single called “Moment Of Your Life.”

“Moment Of Your Life” legit sounds like some vintage R&B s**t. I can see Ginuwine and Aaliyah collaborating on a song like this back in the 90s. Anywho, in the track, Brent and Coco go back and forth on some “meet-me-at-your-mother’s poolhouse-so-we-can-get-it-on” type of s**t. Their vocal performances are absolutely gorgeous. They both hit us with some of their most infectious, sensual, and touching voices. This s**t is what that girl from the Pelicans game was listening to when she was acting thirsty towards Brandon Ingram and Zion Williamson.

Give “Moment Of Your Life” a shot below.