Just Go

Sal B

A sly banger that will remind you how much you’re worth.

Sal B is yet another artist from Detroit who has a future that is brighter than some LED lights. Here’s the thing, though: he isn’t quite your traditional Motor City artist. He has an eccentric style that hops between several genres, including R&B and hip-hop. He also has a very unique singing voice. Some of Sal’s biggest hits are “Worse” and “Bag Calling.” You can find his entire catalog on Spotify. Sal’s latest single is “Just Go.”

In “Just Go,” Sal B lets his woman know that he isn’t sweating her at all—plenty of others are waiting in his queue. He’s not being an asshole either; the person he is dealing with has been inconsistent and inconsiderate towards him. While I absolutely love the lyrics he dishes out, I also appreciate the slippery melodic rap style he toys with and how it merges with the smooth, bass-booming R&B beat. This banger will definitely be stuck in your head long after you’re done listening to it.

Give “Just Go” a shot below.