me & my broken heart

Felicia Lu

A heart-wrenching pop gem that explores the pain of one-sided love.

Felicia Lu is a German, Austian-based singer and songwriter. She first gained recognition by appearing on the RTL talent show Rising Star in 2014. She later made it to the finals of the German preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017 and 2022.

Since her appearances on these platforms, Felicia Lu has been dedicated to forging a music career. Her versatility extends beyond her vocal abilities; she is also proficient in playing multiple instruments and has honed her skills in songwriting and music production. Felicia’s discography includes well-received tracks like “Losing Streak” and “Anxiety,” which have garnered popularity among listeners. Felicia Lu’s latest drop is the pop single “me & my broken heart” and its accompanying official visualizer.

With an ear-pleasing blend of lush piano chords and mesmerizing beats, “me & my broken heart” offers a striking backdrop to complement the tune’s emotional tale of heartbreak. Lyrics like “Why is it so hard, To love me, Every night I starve for the words that I deserve” and “Was it me, everything just in my head, What we could be, Every word you said I misread” examine the pain and heartache of experiencing unrequited romance. With vibrant vocals and no shortage of evocative elements, Felicia Lu gifts us a beautifully bittersweet pop gem that powerfully explores being in love with a person who doesn’t love you back. So press play and let the words “me & my broken heart” help heal the ache of lost love.