When You’re Not Mine


A heartfelt pop tune about searching for the one.

NOEL is a 20-year-old singer and songwriter of both Swedish and Norwegian descent. Following a knee injury that halted his sports dreams, the singer “turned to music as a new way to express his passions.” The artist’s “journey from a childhood immersed in football to a burgeoning music career showcases his resilience and adaptability.” NOEL’s debut single is the pop song “When You’re Not Mine.” 

With an ear-pleasing blend of melodic piano chords and uplifting beats, “When You’re Not Mine” provides the perfect mesmerizing backdrop to complement the song’s romantic tale. Lyrics like “I don’t think we’ve ever met, And time keeps moving faster, The days we’re not together will be days that I’ll regret” and “If I was him I’d make you happy, Swear I’d always love you madly” reflect on longing for the love of someone special. With its relatable narrative and plenty of passion-filled moments, NOEL gifts us with a heartfelt pop single perfect for anyone who’s ever suffered from a broken heart. So, press play and experience the power of love and longing with “When You’re Not Mine.”